Missing Child

Runaway Child

Parental or Family Abduction

Child Concealment

Stranger Abduction

International Parental or Family Abduction

Parental Kidnapping

Children who have been enticed away from home

Child missing due to unknown reason

Children enticed/abducted into or involved in a cult

Abused Children

Exploited Children

Juvenile Human Trafficking

Juvenile Prostitution

Juvenile Narcotics Ring

Adult Missing Persons (Some restrictions apply)


Below is a list of our rates for our missing persons fees. Please contact us to book your missing persons investigation.

  • Initial Telephone Consultation: FREE
  • Hourly Rate: $55.00 per hour, billed in ¼ hour increments plus mileage and expenses.
  • Emergency Rate (less than 24 hours): $110.00 per hour, first 8 hours, plus mileage and expenses.
  • Holiday Rate (Federal and State): $125.00 per hour, plus mileage and expenses

Missing Persons Investigations – How it Works

  1. Background Phase: Review of client information and current evidence derived from the police and client; the acquisition and reviewing of personal records of the missing person; a missing persons biographical analysis; telephone interviews and client communication. Flat Fee : $550.00
  2. Investigative Phase: Comprehensive field interviews; media and police relations; missing person flyer distribution; additional analysis of the case and furtherance of leads that may transpire during the field investigation of a missing persons case. Retainer based on number of requested investigative days.
Mileage: $0.56 cents per mile Expenses: At cost

What You Get When You Hire Us

  • 17 years of investigative experience

  • Case consultation within 12 hours

  • Written case plan within 12 hours of case consultation

  • Investigation started within 24 hours of case plan

  • Daily updates during Investigative Phase

  • Report of Investigation (ROI) upon completion of investigation

  • No charge for communications fees such as telephone calls and emails

  • All calls and emails are returned within 24 hours

  • All unused retainer balances are refunded with final invoice

  • 24 hour a day response of an investigator

​Contact us for a free consultation.  Let us show you why our 17 years of investigative experience can you the results and peace of mind you need.